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Principal Investigator

20211007_CMU_MSE_Chris Bettinger_1658_CROP_BW copy Christopher J. BETTTINGER
Materials Science & Engineering (PhD)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2008)
Hobbies: Skiing, mountaineering, and ski mountaineering
Curriculum Vitae
Graduate Students  


Materials Science & Engineering
Biomedical Engineering (BS)
Carnegie Mellon University (2019)
Project: Ingestible sensors
Hobbies: Rock climbing, cooking, community outreach

Durva NAIK
Polymer Engineering and Technology (BTech)
Institute of Chemical Technology — Mumbai (2019)
Project: Ingestible delivery systems
Hobbies: Singing, ukelele


Jiwoo SONG
Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science (BEng)
Duke University (2020)
Project: Flexible sensors for medical devices
Hobbies: Rock climbing, running


Materials Science & Engineering (BS)
University of Connecticut (2019)
Project: Ingestible medical devices
Hobbies: Athletics, hiking, baking, aquariums, entrepreneurship

Bozhong ZHUANG
Materials Chemistry (BS)
Nankai University (2021)
Project: Ingestible origami medical devices
Hobbies: Volleyball, classical music

Xiaozili HUANG
Polymeric Materials Engineering (BEng)
Jiangsu University (2019)
Project: Adhesive materials for oral drug delivery
Hobbies: Campus youth volunteer association (fellow)


Materials Science & Engineering
iomedical Engineering (BEng)
Carnegie Mellon University (2024, expected)
Project: Ingestible sensors and electronics
Hobbies: CMU Buggy

Bettinger Group Alumni

Chenchen Mao PhD (BME) 2021
Xiaomin Tang PhD (MSE) 2019
Ik Soo Kwon PhD (MSE) 2019
Luke Klosterman PhD (MSE) 2016
Pitrat “Proud” Pholpabu PhD (BME) 2016
Haosheng Wu PhD (MSE) 2015
Chi “Suze” Ninh PhD (MSE) 2014
Aditya Balasubramanian PhD (MSE) 2014
Congcong Zhu PhD (MSE) 2014
Arnav Bhat Masters (BME) 2022
Faith Dias Masters (ChemE) 2022
Audrey Schreiner Masters (BME) 2022
Mahathy Rajagopalan Masters (BME) 2022
Isabel Joyce Masters (BME) 2022
Puqing Ding Masters (BME) 2021
Malia Okamura Masters (MSE) 2021
Jake Zimmer Masters (ECE) 2021
Coco Wang Masters (MSE) 2020
Weiyin Sun Masters (MSE) 2019
Han Zhang Masters (BME) 2019
Po-Ju “Brian” Tang Masters (MSE) 2018
Guannan Tang Masters (MSE) 2018
Peng Peng Masters (MSE) 2018
Faisal Ali Masters (ChemE) 2017
Natee Johnson Masters (MechE) 2016
Ashley Guertin Masters (MSE) 2016
Riddhi Kachole Masters (MSE) 2016
Madeline Cramer Masters (BME) 2014
Aimon Iftikhar Masters (BME) 2014
Julian Kessler Masters (BME) 2013
Steve Kustra Masters (BME) 2012
Jane Sun Masters (MSE) 2012
Ashley Ocvirk Masters (MSE) 2012
Sumit Goenke Masters (MSE) 2012
Heather Bowman BS, CIT Honors (MSE) 2017
Madeline Cramer BS, CIT Honors (BME) 2014
Robert Morhard BS, CIT Honors (BME) 2013
Evan Gates BS, CIT Honors (BME) 2012
Post-docs and Visitors
Emily Augustine, BS University of Pennsylvania 2021
Junan Chen, BS Tsinghua University 2017
Paula Calderon, MS University of Costa Rica 2017
Wei-Chen Huang, PhD National Chiao Tung University 2017
Derrick Wells, MS Carnegie Mellon University 2017
Young Jo Kim, PhD University of Missouri 2016
Hector Becerril, PhD BYU-Idaho 2016
Berend Jan de Bruin, MD Leiden, Netherlands 2014
Melanie Grellier, BS Grenoble, France 2014

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