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Principal Investigator
Christopher J Bettinger
Christopher J. Bettinger
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Materials Science and Engineering, 2008
Curriculum Vitae

Post-doctoral Fellows

Young Jo Kim
University of Missouric
Chemical Engineering, 2010
Hobbies: Basketball, golf, skiing
Graduate Students  
Chi (Suze) Ninh
University of Rochester
Chemical Engineering, 2010
Hobbies: Baking, having adventures, playing the piano, traveling
Congcong Zhu
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Materials Science and Engineering, 2006
Hobbies: Hiking, reading, traveling
Stephen Kustra
University of Connecticut
Biomedical Engineering, 2010
Hobbies: Coaching (swimming), running, swimming
Aditya Balasubramanian
National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur, India
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, 2010
Hobbies: Basketball, painting, tennis
Meredith Muskovich
Pennsylvania State University
Materials Science and Engineering, 2011
Proud Pholpabu
Mahidol University
Biotechnology, 2010
Hobbies: Ukulele, badminton, basketball, tennis, cross-stitching

Haosheng Wu
Southeast China University
Applied Physics, 2011

Undergraduate Students

Sharanya Venkat
Carnegie Mellon University
Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, 2013
Hobbies: Reading, soccer, watching movies
Evan Gates
Carnegie Mellon University
Mechanical Engineering, 2013
Hobbies: Cross country, track


Jane Sun Masters (MSE) 2012
Ashley Ocvirk Masters (MSE) 2012
Sumit Goenke Masters (MSE) 2012

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