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Oct 08

Bettinger featured in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


The work of the Bettinger Group on edible medical devices is highlighted in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in a feature called “Patented in Pittsburgh”.

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Oct 04

Ik Soo publishes paper on polydopamine


Ik Soo publishes a Highlights article on polydopamine for applications as a medical material in the Journal of Materials Chemistry. Congrats, Ik Soo!

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Sep 22

Chenchen passes BME qualifying exam

Chenchen passes her qualifying exam for her project on ultracompliant electrodes for peripheral neural interfaces. Congrats, Chenchen!

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Aug 22

Xiaomin passes MSE overview

Xiaomin Tang passes her MSE overview, a critical step to advancing in the PhD program at CMU. Congratulations Xiaomin!

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Aug 22

Bettinger presents at ACS

Prof Bettinger gave an invited talk in the ANYL session on Wearable and Implantable Sensors. Thanks to Leila Deravi (Northeastern) and Michael Daniele (NC State) for the invite!

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